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Quick & Easy Web Templates (PLR-QAEWT-0019)

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Product Information

Looking forward to designing your very own web templates the quick & easy way?

"How To Design YOUR Very Own Professional Web Templates & Designs Under 60 Minutes - NO Previous Experience Needed!"
... And ALL You Really Need To Create Your Very Own Professional-Looking Web Designs Are Adobe Photoshop Program, A HTML Editor... And This Manual!

You've probably come to realize the importance of web designing in today's time and age. In ways more than one, the one with the ability to design his or her web pages has some of the best advantagesin this Information Era.

Think about it. If you can design your own web pages online:

  • You can reach out to more and more people using your web site to communicate for you as your very own media, whether it's for personal or business use.
  • It's EXTREMELY hard for you to build another Coca-Cola "look alike" company, but it's EXTREMELY easy for you to build an Online Business by creating web pagesunique to you.
  • You can save tremendous amount of money in engaging professional web and graphic designers. While I know the fact that some of the wealthiest web designers in the world are paid in tens of thousands of dollars by big companies to create "electrons" of virtual web pages can be hard to absorb, the bottom line still boils down to yet another fact: YOU don't have that kind of money.

There's yet ANOTHER problem waiting for you, though, if you have chosen the path of DIY enthusiasts. It's the learning curve. As with anything else, it takes almost as much time and effort for any individual to master the skills and expertise of web designing.

Strong passion can be a good fuel, but doesn't the sight of those thick, theory-in-technical books on the same subject scare you?

Maybe YOU hate thick books.

Maybe YOU don't have time to skim through useless facts.

Maybe YOU just want to create your own friggin' web pages!

Well, you might just want to thank yourself for coming here, because I will be...

Quick & Easy Web Templates
Build CSS And XHTML 1.0 Compliant Sites, Design Awesome-Looking Banners, Create DIV And CSS Based Layouts... All These Under 60 Minutes!

With all the fats filtered out and speaking from experience, you will discover ALL of what you NEED to know on how YOU can quickly and easily design your very own web templates, regardless of your past experience and knowledge!

Within This Ultimate Manual, Discover:

  • The ultimate tools and software used by masters of web designing - and how you can take advantage of them, too, without being in the shoes of a newbie for too long!
  • Some of the BEST layout and color schemes you should use for your web designs, giving your web pages the BEST looks and feels for your visitors!
  • How you can quickly and easily design your own clean-looking banners, even if you have never done it before!
  • How to break into the CSS codes and leverage on this powerful component of web designing, whether you know what it really is or not!
  • The art of typing your fonts for MAXIMUM feel and best impressions to go with your graphic designs and web templates!
  • And achieve ALL of these UNDER 60 minutes!


But That's Not All.

Together with the manual, you will also receive:

Quick & Easy Component #1:
Sample Professional Web Template Done Under 60 Minutes!

Throughout the manual, you will learn how you can construct a slick, clean-looking web design like the sample web template shown in the screenshot above.

With this template, you can:

  • Edit it anyhow you like,
  • Test your skills on it, or even
  • Use it for your own!

And achieve it under 60 minutes... guaranteed. (Provided you follow the course of the manual faithfully, that is!)

Quick & Easy Component #2:
Two (2) Quick & Easy Web Template Videos

Accessible in .mov format, here's a further coverage and inspiration in video form, describing to you how you can achieve quick & easy web template perfection under 60 minutes!

Regardless of your past knowledge and expertise in graphic designing.

Regardless of your ability to create web pages in HTML.


Product Code: PLR-QAEWT-0019

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