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Tired Of Creating Tiny Little Mini Sites And Adsence Content Pages That Barely Make Any Profits? Then Discover…

“…How You Can Profit From Your Very Own Pay Per Click Search Engine By Selling Traffic To Millions Of Advertisers...Or Even Selling The Search Engine Itself For A Huge Load Of Cash!”

If you want to do something BIG, and make a lot of money in the process you have come to the right place. Because you are about to learn everything you need to know to start your very own insanely profitable PPC Search Engine and even how to sell it for a fortune…

I am sure you have heard of Pay Per Click advertising (PPC for short), I’m sure you have heard of it because it is one of if not the most popular ways of advertising on the internet. Millions of people and businesses are using PPC advertising to drive highly targeted traffic to their websites and promote their online or even offline businesses.

So, who exactly uses online advertising?

Well, nearly everyone that has an online or offline business and has a website for that business. From tiny little one man operations, to gigantic multi billion dollar companies…PPC advertising is a great way for anyone to drive highly targeted and effective traffic to their website.

Here is a small example of just some of the people who use PPC:

Internet Marketers

Online Business Owners


Online Auction companies

Automobile dealers

Lawyers and Law Firms

Real Estate Agents and Agencies

Jewelry Stores

Banks and other Financial Institutions 

And anyone else with a business (online or off) for that matter!

There is no shortage of traffic hungry people and businesses that are craving to buy all the targeted traffic they can afford, and that’s good news for you because if you do things right…

“…you’ll never have a shortage of customers that buy traffic from you on a daily basis!”

But, I know what you may already be thinking.  There are already two gigantic companies that sell PPC advertising (Google and Overture). And yes, you are right these companies are huge and you probably have no chance competing against them. But guess what, you don’t have to!

You see, the “big boys” of PPC advertising sell traffic to everyone…People trying to sell computers, wedding dresses and even pornographic websites. You don’t have to sell traffic to everyone.

Your PPC search engine can be a lot more targeted at a specific niche, or a specific geographical area (like your home city for example). And why would someone choose to advertise in your PPC search engine as apposed to say Overture?

Because yours will be a lot more targeted!

And it is targeted traffic that has made PPC advertising one of if not the most popular and effective ways of advertising on the internet. So if anything, many businesses will actually choose to buy traffic from you as apposed to the big PPC search engines out there…your traffic will simply be more targeted, which translates into being more profitable!

Basically, there are millions of traffic hungry businesses out there drooling to buy targeted traffic. And if you have your very own PPC search engine you can sell them all the targeted traffic they can afford and make a fortune in the process. But of course, before you do that you will need to create your very own PPC search engine…

And that is exactly what you will learn in the next few minutes, once you get your hands on…













Here is a small example of all the things you will learn once you get your hands on “PPC Profits”

Exactly how PPC Search Engines can make a ton of money for their owners (you’ll need to know this if you also want to make a ton of money :)

Exactly how to start making money with your very own PPC search engine without spending a fortune! (You don’t need to spend a fortune just to start your very own profitable PPC search engine, I’ll show you how to do it on a small budget!)

A list of HOT topics you can have your PPC search engine targeted at (this will help you decide what profitable market you want to target)

Exactly how to choose the perfect PPC search engine theme for you, and why choosing something you like or are passionate about can be a very profitable decision.

A list of great resources to find targeted e-zines you can promote your PPC search engine in.

Exactly where to get cheap and reliable hosting and domain names if you are on a tight budget (you’ll need a domain name and web hosting, there is no way around it…but it does not mean you’ll have to spend a fortune on it!)

All the advantages and disadvantages of creating your own PPC search engine VS paying someone to create it for you (if you want to take a short cut and have your PPC search engine set up ASAP…this is especially for you!)

Exactly how and where to buy an already made PPC search engine to save a ton of time and money (you can buy an already made PPC search engine for under $100! And simply modify it as you please)

A complete list of everything you’ll need in order to start your own highly profitable PPC search engine.

A guide to getting the right software to run your PPC search engine (these types of software cost anywhere from $50 to over $4,000…this will help you decide what’s right for you)

Exactly how to create your very own search engine (if you are the do-it-yourself type, this part of “PPC Profits” is for you)

How to advertise your PPC search engine on a budget (don’t want to spend a fortune on advertising? You don’t have to!)

A list of tips of selling your PPC Search engine for big profits (if you simply want to make money by selling your PPC search engine, create news ones and sell them again you can!)

And much, much more!



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